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TC Singing Valentines
Chorus Promo Materials

See: INFO TO PRINT for printed materials.
Questions? Ask your Chapter Singing Valentine Rep

  • Singing Valentines can be a major source of income for your chapter.
    • Your chapter gets about 40% of the net proceeds for the order.
    • The chapter of the quartet that delivers the SV gets the other 60%.
    • Orders which do not designate a chapter to receive credit for the sale are put into a pool and the proceeds are shared among the chapters in proportion to the quartet hours contributed by each chapter.
  • Order Form: Encourage buyers to enter the order online and pay with a credit card. If you fill in the paper form, give it with the payment to your Chapter SV Rep. to enter online.
  • Flyers: Post them anywhere you can (grocery stores, coffee shops, restaurants, social clubs). Ask for the .pdf file. Write in SELLER's contact information, or type into the editable field. Email them to your friends and family and everyone in your email address book. There's even a quarter-page size.
  • Business Cards: Carry a supply with you and hand them out to interested persons. Ask if you can leave a small stack at the cash register of your favorite stores and restaurants. Get these from the Chapter SV Rep.
  • Press Release: Send it to anyone or any media outlet that can announce or promote SV.
  • Email Signature and Graphics: Add a promotional note telling people about Singing Valentines. Below are some samples and some graphics to use. Be sure and SHARE and upload the SINGLE flyers.
  • Videos, YouTube, Facebook: If you have a good video, upload it to YouTube and facebook and add a link in all your promotional materials. Here's a video link to Easy Listenin' on facebook: Facebook Video Easy Listenin'
  • Quartet Promotions: If you're in a quartet, consider going out to places to promote SV with a teaser/sampler song or two.
  • Let Your Chapter SV Rep Know of any opportunities to send a quartet to promote SV.
  • If you have breakfast every Saturday at the same place, ask them if they'd like someone to sing for their patrons on Valentines morning. They can advertise it as a special Valentine Treat or Celebration to bring in customers for that morning. Offer them the our 20-minute package.

Singing Valentines Graphics

Heart Notes Graphic:  
Right-click on the image  
Choose SAVE IMAGE from the popup menu  
SAVE it to your PC  
Then INSERT + IMAGE into any doc  
Singing Valentine Red     Email Signature
  FONT is Script MT Bold
  Red or white .png files
  with a transparent background
Singing Valentine White  
Sample Signature 1 
SV Signature 1
Sample Signature 2  
(Notice the URL has a capital 'S' and 'M')  
SV Signature 2
TC Singing Valentine Red Header     Page Header Graphics
  Red on white

Page Header Graphics  
Red on white  
with Website
  TC Singing Valentine Web Red Header
Page Header Graphics  
White on any Dark Color
TC Singing Valentine Black Header  
Page Header Graphics  
Black on white
  TC Singing Valentine Black Header
SV Order Page Header     Page Header Graphics
  Red on white
  with BHS & SAI

  (used for Order Page)


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