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Team Preparation
Twin Cities Singing Valentines
can benefit your chorus
or organization in more ways than one!
Singing Valentines can be a major source of income for your organization.
Your chapter gets about 40% of the net proceeds for each order.
The chapter of the quartet that delivers the Singing Valentine gets the other 60%.
Orders which do not designate a chapter or organization to receive credit for the sale
are put into a pool and the proceeds are shared among the organizations
in proportion to the quartet hours contributed by each chapter.

Team Prep Materials

o Animations   Animated gifs for promo emails
o Forms   Photo/Video Release forms, Order Forms
o Promo Business cards, Flyers, Recipient cards, etc
o Quartets   Sign-Up Forms and Instructions, Sort Day Checklist and more.
o Singing Valentines Logos for use in promotion materials
o Video and Audio Samples   Videos and Audio Clip Samples
Chapter Reps Guidelines
Chorus - Invitation to Participate - Sample
SV is a chapter fundraiser
o Individual - Invitation to Participate Survey
Provide name and part for a possible match-up for a quartet
Quartet - Invitation to Participate - Sample
For past participants
Chorus Promo Ideas & Materials
Financial - Funds Break-Out Guide
Post-Event Thanks to Quartet - Sample
Singing for Other Occasions Discussion (2011)
Summary Report Thank You - Sample
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